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During the recent pandemic, we developed 3 virtual tours of the Israel Museum for the benefit of our brothers and sisters worldwide. 

These 3 tours are all based on verses from the famous Isaiah scrolls displayed in the museum. But what will they focus on? Here is a little summary:

"Jehovah's Mountain" tour: Our original tour tells the story of Jerusalem, the city that was called 'Jehovah's residence' and the people who left their mark on it's history.

"Jehovah's Name" tour: How many times can Jehovah's name be found in the museum? And what do these artifacts tell us about the history of Jehovah's name?

"Jehovah's Word" tour: We'll study some of the oldest copies of God's Word and see how Jehovah used the most amazing human invention in history to make sure his word would endure forever.


Now that travel is possible we are shifting our focus back to physical tours. Virtual tours will still be available on demand.

If you'd like to book a private virtual tour for a group, feel free to contact us at

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