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We are all Jehovah's Witnesses who have a common passion for the Bible, history and archaeology. We all do this for free, volunteering from our personal time for this project out of love for our international brotherhood.

For a long time we had the idea of creating in Israel something similar to what is done at the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum, and to conduct tours at the Israel Museum that would be made by witnesses for witnesses.

Our goal was not just to show the museum's most interesting items, but to tell a story, in order to affect both minds and hearts and make the tour more enjoyable for all.

So we picked a theme and started working, and after many months of research and preparation, the first tour was conducted in March 2017. Since then thousands of friends have enjoyed the tour, and we hope that many more will do so in the future.

In April 2020, in view of the global pandemic, we started making our tours available online. The virtual tours allow brothers who would never be able to visit Israel to get a taste of it's amazing history.

Finally, we would like to thank our dear friends at Oasis Biblical Tours. Taking one of their tours at The Metropolitan Museum of Art prompted us to develop similar tours in Israel. Shortly after, we reached out to them regarding our plans and since that time have benefitted from their precious support and expert advice for both our museum and virtual tours. We, in turn, have enjoyed contributing to the development of their Israel travel tours as well. This close relationship between our two programs has proven to be a real blessing. We'll continue to work alongside Oasis Biblical Tours to make both our programs as faith strengthening as possible and wholeheartedly recommend their tours, which are accessible by clicking the link above.

Need to contact us? Please go to the FAQ page.


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